Tuesday December 15, 2015

12:00 noon to approx 1:00 - Room  200 ARTS Bldg. 



The union will be sending 8 members to the CUPE 1975 Winter School in Moose Jaw from Feb. 1 to 4th. The Education committee will choose the members that will attend.  The Closign date for applications is December 11, 2015.    updir/1975/ckfinder/files/CUPE Sask Winter School 2016, Brochure_Page_01.jpg

Saying Goodbye to Paul Moist CUPE National President

This week at the CUPE National President Paul Moist stepped down as the President of CUPE National.

Mark Hancock will take over Paul's position.  Delegates at the Convention in Vancouver  thanked Moist for his leadership, particularly on defending pensions and being a strong voice for all workers in Canada and around the world.  Wayne Foley, Craig Hannah, Bob Jones, Jeff Theis and Kristin Trondson represented CUPE Local 1975 at this convention.   Watch utube tribute video to Paul Moist                                   


If members wish to access guidelines and forms in regards to the Reclassification of your position, go to the following University of Saskatchewan Website.   Click on CUPE and you will be shown the procedure guidelines, CUPE position review form and the appeal form.  

On November 10, 2015,  Bob Jones, CUPE Local 1975 will be giving a presentation on position reviews and placement and how the process works.  The presentation will be open to the first 25 members who register with the Union either by phone (306) 966-7015 or by email  at  The presentation will take place in Room  1022 Education Building from  12:00 to  approximately 2:30 pm.  We hope that your department will give you time off to attend this presentation or that you will be allowed to make up the time. If you have difficulty arranging for time off please advise the Union and we will make arrangements for you to be released from work.


To:  CUPE 1975 Members
There have been a number of inquiries in regards to personal days and how they may be used.
Attached is the document in its entirety which is located on the Human Resources web page

Personal days are yours to use as you see fit within the parameters listed in the attachment. if you are being denied for reasons that contradict what is in this document then show your supervisor this document or contact your union.   In particular,  the union has highlighted areas which have been generating concern for some of our members. The following should be followed in regards to personal days.  If you have sick days you should be able to access your personal days.  We have had members being denied personal leave and  told that the leave can only be used for emergency purposes and this is not accurate.   We hope that this email clears up any misunderstandings. 

Points extracted from attached Article 18 (attached for your reference)
5) The Article is also intended to allow for non-urgent and planned events such as parent-teacher interviews, graduations, children’s class trips, to cover the days the university is closed at Christmas, etc.
6) In non-urgent situations, the employee must seek and obtain approval in advance of the planned event.
7) A request may be denied for operational reasons.
8) The leave will be applied consistently across campus and reasons for the leave will not be evaluated.


Eco Passes available!  Faculty and staff who are interested in using Saskatoon Transit to get to and from work, can apply for the subsidized Eco Pass program.  In partnership with the City of Saskatoon, the U of S offers employees a savings of 40% off the regular price of a monthly Saskatoon Transit pass.  A limited number of Eco Passes are available for eligible faculty and staff.  For more informaiton, or to apply to the program, please visit the Parking and Transportation Services webiste.

Article 18.4.1 Personal Leave

Collective Agreement is being printed. If you need to review this article prior to obtaining new agreement please see attached.

Health and Wellness Information

Please find attached information regarding Health Spending Account Summary Wellness Plan Summary Reimbursement form for Wellness spending Account