Tuesday December 16, 2014

12:00 PM TO 1:00 PM  - GEOLOGY BLDG.  ROOM 255



Thanks to the 178 members who came and celebrated the start of the holiday season.   The Executive met in the Roy Romanow room in Place Riel where members were served dainties prepared by the Louis staff and Culinary Services.  Twelve draws were made for prizes.

Brenda Britton,  Geography and Planning department  was the grand prize winner of the $300.00  gift basket.

We had 11 winners of the $25.00 Safeway gift cards.

The winners are as follows:

Barb Burton, Clerical College of Agric & Bioresources - Dean's Office

Brian Desschamps, Painter Architectural (FMD)

Leona Baerg, Clerical Bookstore

Emir Mulic, Caretaker Health Sciences Bldg.

Marty Schaan, Technician Building Services FMD

Jason Blum, Caretaker Building Services FMD

Cheryl Davis, Clerk Bookstore Agriculture building

Patrick Thurlbeck, Technician Education Media and Access

Cam Wutzke, Electrical Supervisor, FMD

Gerlinda Torrehza, Culinary Services Arts Cafeteria

Yonas Kassa, Caretaker Building Services


The CUPE Natoinal office types up our collective agreement and we are hoping that it will arrive in our office shortly.  the union office will send the collective agreement to print as soon as we get it.   If you need immediate access to wording in our collective agreement please go to the following link on the HR webpage.

Article 18.4.1 Personal Leave

Collective Agreement is being printed. If you need to review this article prior to obtaining new agreement please see attached.

Health and Wellness Information

Please find attached information regarding Health Spending Account Summary Wellness Plan Summary Reimbursement form for Wellness spending Account