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23.2 Overtime
23.2.1 Employees shall be paid double time for all time worked in excess of the stated regular or altered hours of work for their classification, as stipulated in Article 23.1. Employees who
work less than full days will not receive overtime until their work exceeds the stated regular hours of work.

23.2.2 All overtime which is paid by the Employer must be authorized by the Dean,
Administrative Head or designate. Except in emergency situations, such overtime must
be authorized in advance.

23.2.3 Employees shall notify Human Resources within sixty (60) days if their overtime has not
been paid.

23.2.5 Time Off in Lieu  – *Note – Time in lieu is also paid double time * Any employee required to work overtime shall receive pay for this time unless
time off at the appropriate overtime rate in lieu of pay is mutually agreed to by
the employee and the Employer and the agreement is recorded in writing. Accumulation of Time Off
When it is mutually agreed between the Dean, Administrative Head or
designate and the employee, and providing it does not require additional extra
help or cause overtime costs, the employee may accumulate overtime
compensation from each incidence of overtime for up to one (1) year in order to
provide time off with pay. Scheduling of time off is by mutual agreement
between the employee and the Dean, Administrative Head or designate.