Questions and Answers from your Negotiating team (update Sept. 25th 4:10)


Questions and Answers September 25, 2018

Part II.  (In addition to the link provided below)

Can you explain to me how the proposed new pay scales/bands would work? I am currently in a phase 4 position- would I remain in a phase 4 in the new system.  What if I don’t agree with my placement?

Your bargaining team had very preliminary talks at negotiations with the employer in regards to a proposed pay band system. We had identified many things that we wanted more clarity on.  We believe in their haste to bring an offer to the table, the employer glossed over many of the things that will impact you the member, one of them being having no appeal mechanism to challenge these new placements.

How would essential services work if we went out on strike?  Who would be deemed essential?

The positions that would be deemed essential would be negotiated between the employer and CUPE 1975.  In the event of a disagreement the labour board will be involved.


Can CUPE 1975 send me a personal email like the employer to keep me posted on any updates on my USASK email account?

CUPE 1975 does not have access to the employers email system.  All emails CUPE 1975 sends through USASK email have to be approved and edited by the employer first.  We will continue to keep you the member posted through our Web Page, your personal email system where members have provided your personal emails (no USASK), our Facebook page and mail outs.


The negotiating team has provided answers to the questions you may have in regards to negotiations and upcoming strike vote.

Click on the attached Link: Questions and Answers from your CUPE Local Negotiations Team