QUESTIONS OF THE DAY! (Oct. 1, 2018)

cupe1975Questions of the Day

First of all – Thank you to all our members that voted to support your negotiating team at last week’s strike vote. It was nice to see such a strong turnout and the many good questions put forward from you.

Prior to the vote last week, our executive talked about how important the vote was, but also how we needed to respect the outcome of the vote.  Although the vote went in the direction we had hoped, we would like to have the people who voted against the motion, to respect the outcome also.  We live in a democracy and it was done in a democratic way.

Questions of the Day

  • I haven’t received any emails prior to the strike vote or call. How does the union intend to communicate with us going forward?

At the rally, pension talk with Mark Jansen in the Education Gym this spring, we were asking all members in attendance to share their emails (not usask) with us for communication purposes going forward.  We received approximately 500 emails and we have sent out a group email to all those who provided one to us.  If you didn’t receive one prior to the strike, it is possible we didn’t get your address correct.  In this case, please contact the union office with the correct information.  Also, at the Thursday rally and vote we asked again for any personal emails we might not have.  We are in the process of creating a group list however it will take some time to do this.  In the meantime, we ask that you continue visiting our website and Facebook page.

  • Can you explain the timelines of negotiations right now? Are we in a strike position this week?

At our last bargaining session on September 14, 2018, we declared an impasse with the employer. We filed the impasse with the Saskatchewan Labour Board and a mediator will be assigned to work with both sides to try and arrive at a settlement.  Once the mediator is identified by Labour law, we have 60 days to come to an agreement.  The period can be extended if both sides agree there is good work being done and want to continue to pursue an agreement.  If they don’t, then there is a two week cooling off period before either party can take any further action.  As of today, a mediator has not been identified.

FYI – Your executive does not have access to the employers email (usask) system without the employer approving content of the email. For this reason, anything strike related cannot be sent through your usask email.