Update on Mediation

October 16, 2018

Today Oct. 16th, at our Union Executive meeting,  our national servicing representative shared with us that a mediator has officially been assigned to our negotiations. With a mediator in place, our negotiating committee has provided the employer and mediator our availability over the upcoming months. November 1st and 2nd dates were held as bargaining dates prior to talks breaking down and these dates will be used as our opening dates with the mediator.

After a mediator has been identified, we have 60 days to work along with him and The University to try and come up with a resolve to our contract impasse. If talks are going well, we can request an extension to the talks. If the talks aren’t progressing as hoped after the 60 days, there is a 14 day cooling off period before either party can take any further action. Your negotiating committee is hopeful that we can come to a resolve with the employer.