Our question of the day has been replaced today with “the Rumor of the Day”.  Apparently it has been circulating that some of our union members believe that now that a mediator has been assigned to our case, that we are able to forgo the 60 day period and implement some form of a job action (strike) or that the employer can initiate a lock out. Under section 6  (six) of the Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA), it states that we are required by law, to work alongside the assigned mediator and the University of Saskatchewan to try and come to a resolve with our bargaining. The 60 day period is a minimum time frame and with agreement with the party’s involved, CUPE 1975 and the University, the meditation period can be extended beyond the 60 days with the hopes of coming to an agreement. At the end of the mediation period (a minimum of 60 days) if an agreement cannot be reached, there is a further 14 day “cooling off period”, where no action, such as a strike or lockout can take place.  After the 14 day cooling off period, either party has to give 48 hours’ notice of job action or lockout.  We received notice this week that a mediator has been assigned to our case and we have provided a number of dates where our negotiating team is available to meet. At our rally/strike vote many of you heard that although there is hundreds of strike votes conducted each year in Canada, very few end up in a strike. Your negotiating team is hopeful that we can come to a resolve thru the mediation process.