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Question of the Day

I attended the “You Talk, We Listen” event yesterday and filled out a form with my contact information on it. Some of my colleagues were unable to attend and are worried that things won’t be in place in the event of a strike. What other options are there to complete this form?

First of all, thank you for attending our event on Tuesday. We had a number of people stop by and ask us some very good questions about contract talks, mediation, and language in the collective agreement. Initially when we talked with CUPE National, It was suggested that we attempt to have a face to face conversation with all of our members and have them fill out their contact information on a form they were to provide in preparation of a work stoppage. The form was being worked on by CUPE National and was to be ready by Tues the 30th.  Your executive were still trying to find a solution on how to accomplish this task as we have 2000 members located in a number of different locations throughout Saskatchewan. I believe CUPE National finally began to understand the magnitude of the task that we would be required to do and agreed last Friday to proceed ahead using the same process as happened in 2007 when we went out on strike.

In the event of a work stoppage, you will be required to sign in for your shift with your picket captain and sign out at the end of the shift. The picket captain will forward this information to our strike headquarters where it will be processed. We decided to use the form on Tuesday provided by CUPE National to gather our members contact information (mainly personal email addresses). By providing an email address we can add your name to our email list and communicate with you through email, website and Facebook.   In the event of a work stoppage we are trying to get as much contact information as possible.  This will enable the union to get money in each member’s hands as quickly as possible.   We are asking for help from you, to provide your own information.  Visit the website if you have not already done so and input your personal email address.  We also ask that you volunteer for different positions required in the event we do go on work stoppage.  The forms are listed on the website at