cupe1975Questions of the Day

The following questions have been asked by many of you.  In the event job action commences, we have asked the employer to provide a response to the following questions.  We will update you when we receive a response.  If we have missed anything, please feel free to contact the union office:


Subsidized Bus Pass:

  1.  Since our last meeting, I have learned that CUPE will not reimburse the University for the cost of subsidized bus passes.  Will the Employer agree to provide an alternate method of paying to employees who wish to maintain their subsidized bus pass?

Parking Spots:

  1. Will the payment for parking spots still be deducted for time away from work due to job action?
  2. If a spot is shared with a family member who is not CUPE will they still be allowed to maintain their spot, and if so, how will the spot be paid for?

Pre-Approved Vacations:

  1. Will the Employer honour pre-approved vacations?

Sick Leave:

  1. Will the Employer honour paid sick leave for those employees who are on approved sick leave prior to any job action?
  2. Will pre-approved medical leave (such as for scheduled surgery) be honoured?

 Maternity Leave:

  1. Will top-up be honoured


  1. If anyone is going to school during job action, will they still be topped up?