CUPE 1975 Members Crossing Picket Line


To Cross the Picket Line or Strike?

The Union feels that it must once again address the questions members have in regards to crossing the picket line. We will respond to the employer’s information on their website.  The response seems to be missing important information.

Quoting the Employer website, “It is legal to cross the picket line and continue to work during job action. If an employee is interested in crossing the picket line to continue working, their People Leader or HR SBA will assist the employee in arranging for their safety and security, and access to continue work will be supported”.

Union’s Response to member’s crossing the picket line

Legally any individual can choose to cross a picket line and go to work, but you will be fined by the Local. If a member crosses the picket line and goes to work, this deteriorates the morale of your fellow members in the bargaining unit.

Under your Local 1975 Bylaws (11.8), you will be fined an amount equal to any earnings you received as a result of crossing the picket line.

Section 11.8 states: “Any member who is found guilty under the trial procedure of crossing our own Local’s picket line in the event of a strike or other job action, may be fined an amount of not more than the net earnings the employee earned during the strike.”

Additionally, this may lead to sanctions under the National Constitution as a result of the Trial Procedure.