A Message from your Negotiating Committee


As many of you have heard or seen over the last few hours the CBC and the Star phoenix among others have reports on our special meeting/media conference held on Tuesday at noon. Thanks again to those of you who attended and we apologise to those of you that were unable to find a spot in the room. We were unable to source a larger room and we felt that we really needed to bring this fight to the decision makers of the University, Peter Stoicheff and the Board of Governors. The first half hour focused on bringing the media up to speed on our side of the story and to hear from other unions on campus – ASPA and the Sessional Lecturers’- about their thoughts on our struggles and the common problem all unions on campus are having in dealing with this administration. We didn’t have any “new information” to share with you the members but we did field a number of questions regarding the letters many of you received with the employers spin on their previous offers. This was not a new offer and it is not one we will vote on. There were many questions in regards to the proposed wage model. We had agreed at the bargaining table to listen to their proposal in regards to a new wage model but we are far apart on accepting or agreeing to anything. As many of you would recall at our open house a month ago we pointed out that using all the “employers” data, 42 per cent of you would be limited to a 1 per cent increment “at best” in the first year of this proposal, and we know that 42 per cent would increase each year afterwards. It would not take long before we would be at over 50 per cent of our membership receiving 1 per cent or less of increment annually. Of the 42 per cent of you impacted by “The University’s” offer, we have heard from a number of you that would be placed in the top of a phase with no wage increases, through the increment model or through negotiated wage increases for years. This model is not in our best interest to accept but you can see why the University wants to implement it. IT SAVES THEM MONEY. It decreases their payroll costs, just as implementing a different pension plan would SAVE THEM MONEY. Just as a signing bonus of 1500, or 3000 dollars would SAVE THEM MONEY.  We are planning to host another Open House in March and we will present to you what the “dollar” difference will be instead of just percentages. Please follow our web page and FaceBook page for times and dates. We look forward to seeing you there and answering all your questions and concerns.

Your Negotiating Committee