CAAT Sessions


Members would have received an email from Human Resources advising about the CAAT sessions on campus and to register for a date and to make sure to fill out the enrollment form.

Question of the Day

How do we account for the time that is spent going to the session and how long are the sessions?

Answer from Human Resources

These sessions should be around 1 hour long and people leaders have been asked to allow employees
to attend one of these sessions with no loss of pay. There are a number of times available,
so members should be able to attend with minimal disruption to the work place.​​​​​​​ Also note there is an enrollment form attached that members will need to complete.

Will off campus members be able to participate in these sessions?

CAAT will be putting on three webinars as well as a video that will be posted on the website. These sessions are planned to be held early October, but are still being planned. Once dates are finalized, CAAT will be sending information out directly to members as they are handling the registration. If you have any further questions, the pension office should be able to help you out. Visit for more information on Webinar sessions which will be held first week of October.