Bargaining Proposals


CUPE 1975’s Collective Agreement expires on December 31, 2020.  A Negotiating Committee has been appointed and will consist of the President, Craig Hannah, and four more members from the CUPE Local 1975 Executive.  Ann Iwanchuk, CUPE National Representative will also sit on this committee.

If you have any bargaining proposals to submit for this upcoming round of negotiations, please forward them to the Union office.  If you can relate your proposal to an article in the Collective Agreement, please do so.  Your name, department you work for and contact information MUST appear on the proposal.  You will be contacted in the event the negotiations team need clarification on your submission.

If you are submitting a proposal on behalf of a group of employees, you MUST list your name and contact information and the department name the group works in.  You need to have all the workers of the particular group sign the proposal in order that the negotiation team knows that the proposal is being submitted from the whole group and not just one individual speaking on behalf of a particular working group.


You may send or hand deliver your proposals to the Union office located at Room 21, McLean Hall or email your proposal to