Message from Bob Jones, Acting President

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Greetings Members of CUPE 1975,

I hope that this message finds you all safe along with your extended family. We know that many of you have family members outside of Canada and North America and realize how stressful that must be for everyone involved.

Many of you have received communication from the University in regards to temporary lay offs due to the COVID-19 situation.  With the absence of students, staff, and others on campus, there is less need for some of the services each of you provide. There is also a greater risk to everyone employed at the University to be exposed to COVID-19, or to pass it on to others.

It is for these reasons that the University has made the decision to allow the different Colleges and Departments on campus to issue temporary lay-offs to some of their permanent employees. Some of you may have been contacted already by your manager or may be in the next couple of days. This is also happening at the same time that seasonal lay-offs are happening and some term positions have been ended.

You may be asked to use some of your holidays or banked time, which would mean your salary would remain the same for the period you are using those days, however if you use your holidays and banked time up, you will be going through this same process at some point.

The University has provided detailed information on their website regarding how to apply for CERB and the top up to 85 percent of your salary that you may be eligible for.

The link is found here or see previous post for direct links.  You’ll need to go to PAWS, then click Employment Resources, then click on Employee Update (right side of the screen) then scroll down to the Q & A Section:

The Unemployed Workers Help Centre is available to assist with EI and CERB claims.

They can be reached at:

Saskatoon Office

2154 Airport Drive
Saskatoon, Sask.
S7L 6M6

Phone: (306) 382-8662
Fax: (306) 978-7815

The Service Canada website also has excellent information.  The link is found here:

For the seasonal employees experiencing a scheduled lay-off (not related to COVID-19), you will need to apply for Employment Insurance.  If you are in a term position that has come to an end, you will also need to apply for Employment Insurance.

We have had assurances that those of you in permanent positions at the University will be returning to your previous positions with your seniority intact. Those of you in seasonal or term positions that will be impacted by these lay-offs, have some protection over our contracting out language in our collective agreement. If we believe the employer is taking advantage of this in these times, we will be using any and all resources at our disposal to challenge and prevent that from happening.

We continue to advocate for our members and their rights through this trying period and if you feel that your rights and or safety has been compromised, as always, we are here to help you.

In Solidarity,

Bob Jones

Acting President