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We have been in touch with Service Canada and have some step by step directions on how to apply for their services.

The first thing we do is go to and click on the link Coronavirus (COVID-19)  which takes us to a page where we would then click on ‘For Individuals’ then under this tab: Financial and economic support

Under this tab we will see another tab entitled ‘People facing loss of income’ and beside it ‘Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)’.  When we click on this it then prompts us to fill out this short questionnaire which then directs folks to the appropriate CERB program they should be applying to.

The questionnaire asks folks two simple questions to get started, ‘I was self employed’ and ‘I was an employee’. When folks answer ‘I was an employee’ the system directs them like this:  Thank you! You should apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit through Service Canada and the Employment Insurance program.  They click continue and the program takes them directly to the EI application.  The application process usually takes less than 30 minutes, folks will need their Social Insurance Number, mother’s maiden name, complete mailing address and postal code and we encourage that they have their banking information in order to set up direct deposit, however, this information can be added after the fact.   

One important thing to note is that at the end of the application there is a confirmation page with a confirmation number, it is VERY IMPORTANT that folks either print this page, take a picture of it or write down the confirmation number.  This confirmation number basically tells us that we were successful in electronically filing our claim.  A week to ten days later folks will get a letter from Service Canada containing a Personal Access Code (PAC) which they need in order to complete bi weekly reports which generates the payment of EI CERB benefits, they should also use this PAC to create a My Service Canada Account unless they already have one or have a My Account through Canada Revenue Agency.  These two departmental programs are now linked therefore, if I have either account I can get into both programs for my personal information.

 After applying for benefits, if folks have questions or concerns they have two avenues in which to contact our department regarding their claims.  They can try the call centre at 1 800 206 7218 or use the on line service request at the following site:

Attached are some of the posters that are being distributed to employers, organizations and service delivery partners with contact information regarding our programs and services.




We hope this helps you navigate the system.  We will keep you updated as we receive any new information.