Table Officers and Extended Executive

Meetings with executive members must be arranged through the Union office (306) 966-7015

President: Craig Hannah
1st Vice President: Bob Jones
2nd Vice President: Ryan Klassen
Recording Secretary: Natalie Laing
Treasurer: Jeff Theis
Clerical Rep: Vacant
Clerical Rep: Leanne Ooms
Clerical Rep: Ginny Cherepacha
Clerical Rep:  Vacant
Trades Rep:  Vacant
Technician/Security/Stores Rep:  Blair Chomyshen                                           Technician/Security/Stores Rep: Cindy Toy

Caretaker/BST Rep:  Shelley Hurley

Library Rep:  Lisa Shiffman

Grounds/Herdsmen/Stock people/Horticulture:  Braden Pound

Food/Security/Stores:  Vacant

Grievance Chair:  Gail Lasiuk

Sargent @ Arms:  Jeff Vandervood
Administrative Assistant:  Evelyn Wojcichowsky

CUPE National Representative:  Ann Iwanchuk



Grievance Committee

Members:  Gail Lasiuk (Chair), Craig Hannah, Bob Jones, Ryan Klassen, Leanne Ooms

Trustees Committee

Michael Brockbank, Donna Borsa, Mimma Messina

Non-Academic Pensions Benefits Committee

Michael Brockbank, Bob Jones, Jeff Theis

Bursary Committee:

Blair Chomyshen (Chair), Bob Jones, Cindy Toy

Membership Assistance Committee

Jeff Theis, Craig Hannah, Shelley Hurley, Ryan Klassen, Blair Chomyshen

Education Committee

Helen Schellenberg (Chair),  Craig Hannah, Shelley Hurley

Retirement and Long Service Social – Evelyn Wojcichowsky

Strike Appeal – Vacant

Social Committee:  

Bob Jones, Shelley Hurley, Craig Hannah, Gail Lasiuk

Communication Committee

Craig Hannah,  Kim Heidinger, Lisa Shiffman (Skopein)

Annual Position Review Committee/Joint

Bob Jones, Craig Hannah, Gail Lasiuk

New Positions Committee/Joint

Craig Hannah, Bob Jones

Employee Assistance Program/Joint

Kathy Evans, Alternate Kim Heidinger

Occupational Health & Safety/Joint – Vacant

President’s Service Award Committee/Joint –Koreen Skjonsby

President’s Advisory on the Status of Women/Joint – Non active

Scope Review

Craig Hannah, Bob Jones

Negotiations Committee

Craig Hannah, Bob Jones, Ryan Klassen, Jeff Theis, Natalie Laing, CUPE National Rep. Ann Iwanchuk

Updated February 1, 2017