CUPE Local 1975 represents 2,000 workers at the University of Saskatchewan who work in food services, technician services, trades, security, clerical support, the library, grounds keeping and landscaping, caretaking, and many other areas.

Table Officers and Extended Executive 2020


Meetings with executive members must be arranged through the Union office by
emailing or by phoning the union office at (306) 966-7015.


Position                    Name                  Email Address

President                  Craig Hannah

1st Vice President     Bob Jones    

2nd Vice President     Ryan Klassen

Recording Secretary Natalie Laing

Treasurer                   Jeff Theis      

Grievance Chair         Leanne Ooms

Clerical Rep.               Vacant

Clerical Rep.               Donna Smandych

Clerical Rep.               Robin Lubaga

Clerical Rep.               Sherri Duggan

Trades Rep.                 Braden Pound

(Stores/Community Peace Officers & Technicians)

Technician                  Dylan Powel 

Technician                 Cindy Toy      


Representative          Trevor Christopher

Caretaker/BST Rep.   Erwin Marbella

Caretaker/BST Rep.   Jessica Ballendine

Library                       Lisa Shiffman 

Food Services/Security   Vacant

Student Representative   Sam Riendeau

Sergeant at Arms        Jeff  Van De Voord

Trustees                      Shelly Armbruster, Jaime Provo, Mimma Messina

NAFBC                       Bob Jones, Craig Hannah, Jeff Theis

(Non-academic Fringe Benefits Committee)

Negotiators:      Craig Hannah, Bob Jones, Jeff Theis, Ryan Klassen, Sherri Duggan

Administrative Assistant           phone: 966-7015

CUPE National Representative Ann Iwanchuk     (Sits on Negotiations Team)

Updated March, 2020




Grievance Committee

Leanne Ooms (Chair), Bob Jones, Ryan Klassen, Erwin Marbella, Donna Smandych

Trustees Committee

Shelley Armbruster, Mimma Messina, Jaime Provo

Non-Academic Pensions Benefits Committee

Bob Jones, Jeff Theis, Natalie Laing

Bursary Committee:

Bob Jones, Cindy Toy, Lara O’Grady

Membership Assistance Committee

Jeff Theis, Ryan Klassen, Sherri Duggan, Donna Smandych

Education Committee

Ryan Klassen (Chair), Jeff Theis, Sherri Duggan, Erwin Marbella, Alan Bohle

Retirement and Long Service Social  – Heather Richinski

Strike Appeal 

Executive Board as per Bylaws

Social Committee  

Bob Jones, Shelley Hurley, Ryan Klassen, Donna Smandych, Erwin Marbella, Natalie Laing

Communication Committee

Bob Jones, Amy St. Jacques, Beth Matheson, Lara O’Grady, Sam Riendeau

Annual Position Review Committee/Joint

Bob Jones, Ryan Klassen, Natalie Laing, Sherri Duggan, Trevor Christopher

New Positions Committee/Joint

Bob Jones, Natalie Laing, Cindy Toy, Linda Riopel

Employee Assistance Program/Joint

Cindy Toy,  Alternate: Lisa Shiffman

Occupational Health & Safety/Joint 

Cindy Toy (Chair), Donna Smandych, Bob Jones, Anna Thompson, Cindy Thomson,

President’s Service Award Committee/Joint

Linda Riopel

Bargaining Committee

Bob Jones, Ryan Klassen, Jeff Theis, Sherri Duggan, Erwin Marbella

Women’s Committee

Gail Lasiuk, Lisa Shiffman, Donna Smandych, Cindy Toy

Grievance Appeal Committee

Members:  Cindy Toy, Jeff Theis, Sherri Duggan

Updated January 20, 2021