Grievance Committee

Members:  Gail Lasiuk (Chair), Craig Hannah, Bob Jones, Ryan Klassen, Leanne Ooms

Trustees Committee

Michael Brockbank, Donna Borsa, Mimma Messina

Non-Academic Pensions Benefits Committee

Michael Brockbank, Bob Jones, Jeff Theis

Bursary Committee:

Blair Chomyshen (Chair) Fern Fitzharris, Bob Jones

Membership Assistance Committee

Jeff Theis, Craig Hannah, Shelley Hurley

Education Committee

Helen Schellenberg (Chair),  Craig Hannah, Shelley Hurley

Retirement and Long Service Social – Evelyn Wojcihowsky

Strike Appeal – Vacant

Social Committee:  

Bob Jones, Shelley Hurley, Craig Hannah, Gail Lasiuk

Communication Committee

Craig Hannah,  Kim Heidinger, Koreen Skjonsby

Annual Position Review Committee/Joint

Bob Jones, Craig Hannah, Gail Lasiuk

New Positions Committee/Joint

Craig Hannah, Bob Jones

Employee Assistance Program/Joint

Kathy Evans, Alternate Koreen Skjonsby

Occupational Health & Safety/Joint – Vacant

President’s Service Award Committee/Joint –Koreen Skjonsby

President’s Advisory on the Status of Women/Joint – Non active

Scope Review

Craig Hannah, Bob Jones

Negotiations Committee

Craig Hannah, Bob Jones, Ryan Klassen, Jeff theis, Natalie Laing, CUPE National Rep. Ann Iwanchuk

Updated February 1, 2017