Meetings with executive members must be arranged through the Union office (306) 966-7015

President: Craig Hannah
1st Vice President: Bob Jones
2nd Vice President: Ryan Klassen
Recording Secretary: Natalie Laing
Treasurer: Jeff Theis
Clerical Rep: Koreen Skjonsby
Clerical Rep: Leanne Ooms
Clerical Rep: Ginny Cherepacha
Clerical Rep:  Vacant
Trades Rep:  Sheldon Densereau
Technician/Security/Stores Rep:  Blair Chomyshen                                           Technician/Security/Stores Rep: Cindy Toy

Caretaker/BST Rep:  Shelley Hurley

Library Rep:  Lisa Shiffman

Grounds/Herdsmen/Stock people/Horticulture:  Braden Pound

Food/Security/Stores:  Vacant

Grievance Chair:  Gail Lasiuk

Sargent @ Arms:  Jeff Vandervood
Administrative Assistant:  Evelyn Wojcichowsky

CUPE National Representative:  Ann Iwanchuk