What Can I Do To Prevent Job Action?


Ask President Peter Stoicheff and the Board of Governors  to get back to the table.  Our pension plan is sustainable! Have them give a serious look at our proposals.   Members need to pressure them to get back to the table and negotiate a fair contract.  0%+ 0% + 0% = 0%  – Tell them that you as an employee of … Read More

CUPE 1975 Members Crossing Picket Line


To Cross the Picket Line or Strike? The Union feels that it must once again address the questions members have in regards to crossing the picket line. We will respond to the employer’s information on their website.  The response seems to be missing important information. Quoting the Employer website, “It is legal to cross the picket line and continue to work … Read More

Essential Services Update

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  The University has filed an application with The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board to rule on whether or not they fit the definition of an Essential Services employer.                                                                  … Read More


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On January 24, 2019, your bargaining committee informed the Mediator that we are at impasse.  The following is a breakdown of the outstanding proposals. Please click on link. Comparison outstanding proposals Jan 24, 2019 FINAL (9) (website)    


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  We continue to receive several questions in regard to vacation and pre-scheduled surgeries.  We have presented this question in negotiations on two separate occasions.  We have yet to receive an answer.  This decision is in the hands of the employer.  If you require an answer to this question, please contact your manager and/or Department head.    


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Talks Break down as U of S tables 3 year wage freeze and removal of retirement security for CUPE 1975 members.  Please read the Communique below which will explain the Union’s position. Communique Final Union Pension Proposal Dec. 12_ 2018 (4) Union’s Counter Monetary Offer Nov. 16, 2018 Employers latest offer to settle Mediation jan 23_2019  

January Update

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Hopefully you had some time for rest and relaxation and to reconnect with family and friends over the break.  Thank you to all who joined us at the HQ in Sutherland for our open house just before the break.  Donuts, hot chocolate, and good company were a great way to kick off the break! Negotiations are continuing throughout January.  Bargaining … Read More


cupe1975Questions of the Day

The following questions have been asked by many of you.  In the event job action commences, we have asked the employer to provide a response to the following questions.  We will update you when we receive a response.  If we have missed anything, please feel free to contact the union office:   Subsidized Bus Pass:  Since our last meeting, I … Read More