CUPE National’s Response to the U of S Article on Pension Contributions


The University states that the pension “has cost the University an additional $29.7 million beyond normal contributions over the past decade.” The Union has always acknowledged the cost of these additional contributions, which were largely the result of the 2008-09 economic crisis, the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. In this spirit, in the 2013-14 round of bargaining, the … Read More

Pension FAQ 2018 – Your pension questions answered!

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What kind of pension plan do we have? You have a Defined Benefit (DB) pension plan. This type of pension plan promises you a set amount of annual pension throughout your retirement. The specific provisions and calculations are available in your member pension booklets. DB plans are the best type of pension for workers because they provide … Read More


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CUPE Local 1975 Bargaining and Pension Update April 17, 2018 Your bargaining committee has been working on your behalf to achieve a collective agreement.  You have given us a strong mandate for no concession bargaining.  We have now concluded discussions about non-monetary items.  We are pleased to report that those discussions went well, and we have been able to make … Read More



SPECIAL PENSION MEETINGS Members of CUPE Local 1975: A decision has just been rendered regarding the Employers’ pension grievance where it asked the arbitrator if it had the right to unilaterally change the pension plan. The decision is not in the union’s favour, but we will need some time to fully evaluate it and our options. We know how important … Read More

Pension Arbitration Update


The Employer initiated grievance was the grievance where the University wanted an arbitrator to rule on whether or not the University can make unilateral changes to OUR pension plan; The union initiated a grievance where we questioned the  employer taking pension contribution holidays. APRIL 27, 2017 UPDATE The Employer’s grievance against CUPE Local 1975 was heard by an Arbitration board … Read More

Pension Handouts


Here are some handouts for quick reference around your pension plan and the issues at stake: Will you outlive your money? Paws off of our pensions

Watch: CUPE 1975 Pension Information Sessions


Watch this YouTube video featuring the information session which was held on June 28th featuring our CUPE National’s Pension’s Expert Kevin Skerrett. This video should be watched in its entirety by all CUPE 1975 members. Members need to be aware of why the union is fighting to keep your Defined Benefit Pension Plan. Your plan promises a specified monthly benefit … Read More