CAAT Sessions


Members would have received an email from Human Resources advising about the CAAT sessions on campus and to register for a date and to make sure to fill out the enrollment form. Question of the Day How do we account for the time that is spent going to the session and how long are the sessions? Answer from Human Resources … Read More

CAAT Information Sessions


From: Pension and Benefits Office <> Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 2:45:00 PM Subject: CAAT Pension Plan Information Sessions As part of the new collective agreement reached with CUPE 1975, all Non Academic Pension Plan members who were current and active on Aug. 31, 2019 and CUPE 1975 who are eligible to participate are now members of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technologies (CAAT) DBplus pension plan, … Read More

CAAT (New Pension Carrier for CUPE 1975 Members) Forms to be signed!


All CUPE 1975 members enrolled in the Pension Plan were sent out a package from the University of Saskatchewan in regards to our New Pension Plan carrier CAAT,  along with information about the plan.  In the package there was an application form.  This form must be completed, signed and either sent or hand delivered  to Connection Point in the Arts Bldg. or … Read More

Pension Follow Up


**There will be a detailed pensions meeting in the fall.** This is to confirm and clarify the early retirement eligibility rules with no penalty for the U of S Non Academic pension plan soft freeze at August 31, 2019. As at August 31st, 2019 pensionable service will be frozen for the benefit calculation only,  upon retirement.  As people continue to work past August … Read More

Special Membership Meeting – Update on Negotiations

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A special membership meeting will be held for CUPE 1975 members to update you on the state of Negotiations.   CUPE Pensions expert Mark Janson will be in attendance along with  our CUPE National Representative and our Negotiating Team. Date:  Tuesday May 14, 2019 Time:   4:30 pm to 6:30 pm  Location:  1150 Lecture Theatre Health Sciences Bldg. (Next to Tim Hortons) … Read More

You Talk, We Listen

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April 25th, 9a.m.-noon Agriculture Building – In the hall near the Agriculture Buffeteria Come speak with your negotiating team and receive a free Tim’s coffee card.  Negotiators Jeff Theis and Ryan Klassen will be available to answer your questions.  



MYTH Federal and provincial regulations limit member risk sharing and will leave the University with increased financial responsibility FACT We are not aware of any such hard limits that are not routinely waived by the federal government. Members in SK and elsewhere around the country routinely contribute directly to deficit payments without regulatory issues. Most public sector workers are in … Read More



MYTH CUPE did not propose a “true” Jointly-Sponsored Pension Plan since surpluses are spent on member benefits and do not benefit the University  FACT Our proposal was a jointly-sponsored plan with a very conservative approach to surplus use, which we specifically chose to better meet the University’s stated concerns about risk. Plan surpluses can be used for different things – … Read More