Norm Quan Bursary and Glen Makahonuk Scholarships Application Forms


Please see below application forms for the above-mentioned bursaries.  You can email your application to our office and it will be submitted to our committee for review.  PLEASE NOTE:  THE DEADLINE FOR THE NORM QUAN BURSARY IS JULY 31, 2020 Norm-Quan-Application-2020-fnal 2019 Makahonuk Scholarship  


cupe1975Bargaining, Scholarships Applicants must meet the following criteria: current union member, or the child/dependent of a union member, that is affiliated to the CLC; age 30 or under as of September 1, 2017; enrolled for September 2017 to enter their first year of full-time study at a Canadian public post-secondary institution: university program (leading to a degree) or college program (leading … Read More