General Membership Meeting Location Room 1150 Health Sciences Bldg.


June 26, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Reading of Equality Statement

  1. Call to order, Roll call of Officers
  2. Adoption of the previous meeting minutes May 22, 2018
  3. New Member’s initiation
  4. Treasurer’s report  April and May 2018
  5. Executive Recommendations
  6. Committee Reports:
  1. Members concerns and issues

Draw for $300.00 will be held July AGM (If July AGM not held then Sept AGM)

New Members

Duke Turner        Library, Terri Lynne Klarenbach    Obstetrics, Brittany Pickering Library,Sarah Nienaber Grounds, Nathan Cherry Grounds, Shuchong Wu Grounds, Devin Taylor Grounds, Amanda Hundseth Grounds,Jordhan Moline Grounds, Ricky Ritchie Grounds, Michael Mengering Grounds, Cormyh Shomaunk, Kylie Nordin Grounds, Spence Lyans Grounds, Heather Campbell Grounds, Mulenga Chitanela Grounds, Curtis Ehresman Grounds, Craig Gavelin Grounds, Caleb Campbell Grounds, Alicia Pratt Grounds, MacKenzie Kainer Grounds, Matthew Baraniuk Grounds, Peter Banda Grounds, Kendal Kachur Grounds, Jonah Sutter Grounds, Shad Cherry Grounds, Lain Lueken Grounds, Caleb Sutter Grounds, Allison Ingham Grounds, Jesffa Muenla Grounds