General Membership Meeting – Oct 23


October 23, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Room 1B11 Health Sciences Bldg.
Evelyn Wojcichowsky

General Membership Meeting

Room: Health Sciences Room 1B11  October 23, 2018    12:00 – 1:00 pm

AGENDA                                                       Reading of Equality Statement                                                                                                      Call to order, Roll call of Officers

  1. Adoption of the previous meeting minutes Sept. 18, 2018
  2. New Member’s initiation
  3. Treasurer’s report June, July, August, September, 2018
  4. Norm Quan Bursary Recipients awards
  5. Motion to Destroy Ballots from Sept. 18th vote
  6. Motion to Destroy Ballots from Sept. 27, 28, 2018 Strike vote
  7. Executive Recommendations
  8. Committee Reports (Negotiations)                                                                                   Bringing forward a motion to pay an additional $200.00 a week non-taxable from CUPE 1975’s strike fund to members that participate in the strike.  This will be over and above the $300.00 non-taxable a week that striking workers get form CUPE National.                                                     Education Committee:   Motion to send members to Winter School January 27 – January 30, 2019
  9. Members concerns and issues

Draw for $300.00  was not made September   (Next Draw November 27th)                                 New Members – June

Kathleen Goucher             VMC/U of S

Victoria Lazasse                VMC/U of S

Danielle Groat                   VMC/U of S

Katrina Diamond               VMC/U of S

Brittany Krause                 Western Beef/LFCE Lanigan

April Fisher                         VMC/U of S

New Members July and August

Myles Shingouse               Library

Cathy Grant                       Library

Veterinary Medical College July

Katara Chanin, Maya Kliewer, Morgan Karmark,Miranda Busch, Erin Jellow, Suzanne Tiemstra, Rebecca Johnston, Amy Small, Sara Fairbrother, Jenna Hawthorne, Mel Berthold, Mikhaela Thrasher, Andrea Enns, Marta VanCamp,Elizabeth Szabo,Elaine Bird, Jenna Leibel, Margaret Peel, Jenise Wink, Calin Larson, Jenn Pippin,

Irwin Paiten, Kendra Rink, Kristin Senger,Kristi Harms, Christine Wilson, Megan East, Karen Davis, Kendall Bueckert,Christina Guillemin, Kari Killins, Kaitlynne Swaney, Shaelyn Fehr, Falyn Jarvis, Amanda McDonald,Rebecca Bandurka, Jessalyn Platten, Cindy Toy, Amanda Hosler, Kassandra Colton, Amaya owring, Stacey Schleicher, Leah Gordon, Jill Hayes, Lisa Paul, Dennis Furniss, Brittany Krause, Keith Hogemann, Jason Wilton, Anne Orchard, Devon Reay, Jessica Edison


Shannon DeGagne            College of Medicine

Sharon Eckmire College of Medicine

October:   Brittany Schmidt  Main LIbrary