CUPE 1975 Nominations for Table Officers


Please click on the link to receive more information about Table Officer nominations and elections.

Members will be informed on  who is up for re-election, information about timelines and an attached nomination form.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the union office at 966-7015.

Memo to members re elections 2019

Nomination Form 2019

Please keep checking this website for information on elections for Extended positions on the CUPE Local 1975 Executive.

Library elections will be held October 2, 2019

12 noon to  1:00 pm  – Room 102 Murray Building



Human Resources has indicated that there is  NO confirmed Date as of yet for when salary increases and back pay (retro) will be put in effect.

When the union receives updated information from our Employer we will update our web page.


CAAT Sessions


Members would have received an email from Human Resources advising about the CAAT sessions on campus and to register for a date and to make sure to fill out the enrollment form.

Question of the Day

How do we account for the time that is spent going to the session and how long are the sessions?

Answer from Human Resources

These sessions should be around 1 hour long and people leaders have been asked to allow employees
to attend one of these sessions with no loss of pay. There are a number of times available,
so members should be able to attend with minimal disruption to the work place.​​​​​​​Also note there is an enrollment form attached that members will need to complete.

Will off campus members be able to participate in these sessions?

CAAT will be putting on three webinars as well as a video that will be posted on the website. These sessions are planned to be held early October, but are still being planned. Once dates are finalized, CAAT will be sending information out directly to members as they are handling the registration.If you have any further questions, the pension office should be able to help you out. Visit for more information on Webinar sessions which will be held first week of October.


CAAT Information Sessions


From: Pension and Benefits Office <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 2:45:00 PM
Subject: CAAT Pension Plan Information Sessions

As part of the new collective agreement reached with CUPE 1975, all Non Academic Pension Plan members who were current and active on Aug. 31, 2019 and CUPE 1975 who are eligible to participate are now members of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technologies (CAAT) DBplus pension plan, effective Sept. 1, 2019.

CAAT pension professionals will be hosting on-campus information sessions to explain details of the plan and to answer any questions members may have.

All members are invited to register to one of the following sessions:

  • Sept. 24, 1 pm, Arts 241
  • Sept. 24, 5 pm, Arts 241
  • Sept. 25, 9 am, Health Sciences B450
  • Sept. 25, 2:30 pm, Biology 106
  • Sept. 26, 9 am, Health Sciences B450
  • Sept. 26, 12 pm, Arts 241

Please note that all members of the Non Academic Pension Plan members will need to complete the attached CAAT DBplus pension plan enrolment form and return it to the Pension and Benefits Office or ConnectionPoint by Sept. 15, 2019 to avoid any delays in joining the CAAT pension plan.

Members should have received this notice through their PAWS ACCOUNT.

CAAT (New Pension Carrier for CUPE 1975 Members) Forms to be signed!


All CUPE 1975 members enrolled in the Pension Plan were sent out a package from the University of Saskatchewan in regards to our New Pension Plan carrier CAAT,  along with information about the plan.  In the package there was an application form.  This form must be completed, signed and either sent or hand delivered  to Connection Point in the Arts Bldg. or Room E180  Pensions Office in the Administration Bldg.   

Please do not forget to do this as the plan kicked in September 1st, 2019 and the forms must be handed in by September 15th.  CAAT Pension enrollment forms are now available to be downloaded from the Pension site.


Vacation and Signing Bonus Information


The university is currently working to implement the changes reflected within the new collective agreement. Employees who were active members of CUPE 1975 at the date of signing (June 28, 2019) will receive a lump sum payment and are eligible for increased vacation days depending on their years of service.

  • New vacation accrual changed effective July 1, 2019.
    • Employees with 14 years of service are now accruing 25 vacation days, and those with 22 years of service are accruing 30 vacation days.
    • The new accrual rates implemented in July were updated as of your July 31, 2019 vacation balance.
    • If any additional accrual is owed it will be added to your August 31 balance.
  • The signing bonus will be paid on August 30.
    • Employees active as of June 28 will receive payment.
    • The $4,000 bonus will be prorated according to FTE as per the Collective Agreement.
    • Employees on a leave will receive payment when they return to work.
    • Employees who have terminated or transferred after June 28 will receive payment through direct deposit or by cheque if their direct deposit has been inactivated.

More information related to pension changes, new salaries and retro pay will be shared as dates are finalized. These future updates will be available on the Labour Updates page, please continue to check it regularly.

If you have any additional questions regarding implementation, please contact


“Goodbye Strike HQ” Event


The time has come to say goodbye to our strike headquarters. Come join your CUPE 1975 brothers and sisters for some snacks and socializing from 4:30-6p.m. on THURSDAY, JULY 18th at our HQ in Sutherland at 815 Gray Avenue.