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cupe1975Questions of the Day

We have been in touch with Service Canada and have some step by step directions on how to apply for their services.

The first thing we do is go to and click on the link Coronavirus (COVID-19)  which takes us to a page where we would then click on ‘For Individuals’ then under this tab: Financial and economic support

Under this tab we will see another tab entitled ‘People facing loss of income’ and beside it ‘Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)’.  When we click on this it then prompts us to fill out this short questionnaire which then directs folks to the appropriate CERB program they should be applying to.

The questionnaire asks folks two simple questions to get started, ‘I was self employed’ and ‘I was an employee’. When folks answer ‘I was an employee’ the system directs them like this:  Thank you! You should apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit through Service Canada and the Employment Insurance program.  They click continue and the program takes them directly to the EI application.  The application process usually takes less than 30 minutes, folks will need their Social Insurance Number, mother’s maiden name, complete mailing address and postal code and we encourage that they have their banking information in order to set up direct deposit, however, this information can be added after the fact.   

One important thing to note is that at the end of the application there is a confirmation page with a confirmation number, it is VERY IMPORTANT that folks either print this page, take a picture of it or write down the confirmation number.  This confirmation number basically tells us that we were successful in electronically filing our claim.  A week to ten days later folks will get a letter from Service Canada containing a Personal Access Code (PAC) which they need in order to complete bi weekly reports which generates the payment of EI CERB benefits, they should also use this PAC to create a My Service Canada Account unless they already have one or have a My Account through Canada Revenue Agency.  These two departmental programs are now linked therefore, if I have either account I can get into both programs for my personal information.

 After applying for benefits, if folks have questions or concerns they have two avenues in which to contact our department regarding their claims.  They can try the call centre at 1 800 206 7218 or use the on line service request at the following site:

Attached are some of the posters that are being distributed to employers, organizations and service delivery partners with contact information regarding our programs and services.




We hope this helps you navigate the system.  We will keep you updated as we receive any new information.

Day of Mourning


Please take time to remember the 36 workers who have died as a result of their work in Saskatchewan.

SFL video  (can also be found on our website and will be shared on social media) –

Video: Day of Mourning Vigil, reading the names of workers in Saskatchewan who died

Vimeo link:

We have uploaded the video to Facebook where it will go live April, 28 at 6:00 am:


video presentation on their website:


Message from Bob Jones, Acting President

cupe1975Questions of the Day

Greetings Members of CUPE 1975,

I hope that this message finds you all safe along with your extended family. We know that many of you have family members outside of Canada and North America and realize how stressful that must be for everyone involved.

Many of you have received communication from the University in regards to temporary lay offs due to the COVID-19 situation.  With the absence of students, staff, and others on campus, there is less need for some of the services each of you provide. There is also a greater risk to everyone employed at the University to be exposed to COVID-19, or to pass it on to others.

It is for these reasons that the University has made the decision to allow the different Colleges and Departments on campus to issue temporary lay-offs to some of their permanent employees. Some of you may have been contacted already by your manager or may be in the next couple of days. This is also happening at the same time that seasonal lay-offs are happening and some term positions have been ended.

You may be asked to use some of your holidays or banked time, which would mean your salary would remain the same for the period you are using those days, however if you use your holidays and banked time up, you will be going through this same process at some point.

The University has provided detailed information on their website regarding how to apply for CERB and the top up to 85 percent of your salary that you may be eligible for.

The link is found here or see previous post for direct links.  You’ll need to go to PAWS, then click Employment Resources, then click on Employee Update (right side of the screen) then scroll down to the Q & A Section:

The Unemployed Workers Help Centre is available to assist with EI and CERB claims.

They can be reached at:

Saskatoon Office

2154 Airport Drive
Saskatoon, Sask.
S7L 6M6

Phone: (306) 382-8662
Fax: (306) 978-7815

The Service Canada website also has excellent information.  The link is found here:

For the seasonal employees experiencing a scheduled lay-off (not related to COVID-19), you will need to apply for Employment Insurance.  If you are in a term position that has come to an end, you will also need to apply for Employment Insurance.

We have had assurances that those of you in permanent positions at the University will be returning to your previous positions with your seniority intact. Those of you in seasonal or term positions that will be impacted by these lay-offs, have some protection over our contracting out language in our collective agreement. If we believe the employer is taking advantage of this in these times, we will be using any and all resources at our disposal to challenge and prevent that from happening.

We continue to advocate for our members and their rights through this trying period and if you feel that your rights and or safety has been compromised, as always, we are here to help you.

In Solidarity,

Bob Jones

Acting President


cupe1975Questions of the Day

Here is a link to important information on recent events & changes to employment. You’ll need to go to PAWS, then click Employment Resources, then click on Employee Update then scroll down to the Q & A Section.

Frequently Asked Questions


cupe1975Questions of the Day

Greetings members of Cupe 1975,

I hope that this message finds you all well and that your families are also safe, whether it’s here in Canada or abroad, it’s a very real concern for us all.

The University continues to take a proactive approach and has closed many of its buildings and allowed, where possible, to have people work from home. Some departments/colleges are still continuing to offer a much needed service to the public and are in hopes of doing it as long as staffing permits. To this point there have been few layoffs and many of us haven’t experienced the additional stress of dealing with a declining income from our jobs.

The federal Government has introduced many programs in our country, to compensate individuals and businesses who have suffered job loss or been forced to close or idle their business, as the impact of Covid-19 in Canada is felt.

These are unprecedented times. There is no pattern to follow. Even when China was experiencing this months ago, many countries, and health experts, couldn’t agree on the appropriate level of action. We continue to have discussions with senior leadership at the University, and with the different Departments, advocating for your safety and well being. We encourage each of you to reach out to your immediate supervisor, our union office or EAP, to help you through this difficult time.

Some of the questions and concerns that have been directed our way are:

  1. Do I have the right to refuse work?

Under the OH 7 S act, you have the ‘Right to Refuse” if you feel the work is unsafe. Once this right is                       exercised, the work must be investigated by the local safety committee to see if indeed it is unsafe or if                   anything needs to be done to make it safe. In the event the local safety committee is unable to meet and               investigate the claim, the claim could be passed on to the provincial OH&S department and one of their                 investigators would be assigned to it.

  1. Will I be paid overtime if I work additional hours?

We have asked the different departments on campus to have connection point rule and process any                       overtime challenges. Connection point is not only familiar with our collective agreement but also the                       Saskatchewan Employment Act. In the event there is a disagreement on the ruling we will investigate on                 your behalf.

  1. Do I still accumulate my EDO’s?

Every situation is different. Some people are on standby, some people are working reduced hours, some                people are self isolating and using sick time. Once we are through this crisis, management has agreed to sit            down and sort some of these things out.

4.  Do I need to use up the remainder of my holidays prior to the end of April?  No.

5. Why do I have to pay for parking when I’ve heard that some people are receiving it for free?

We are not totally familiar with the other bargaining units on campus or their entire collective agreements.             Our collective agreement doesn’t have any language with regards to free parking. We know that many of               our members use public transit to get to and from work while others carpool. Choosing to get a parking                 pass for campus is a personal choice. If you are currently working from home, you may choose to cancel                 your parking pass, saving you the cost of it. We have been told in the past that you will remain in your same           position on the seniority list for parking if and when you choose to renew it.

6.  Why are some people, allowed to self isolate, at home and use their sick time to do it and what                     happens if you don’t have enough sick time in your bank?

The university, in one of their first emails to their staff, spoke to this. Along with both levels of                                 Government, Federal and Provincial, the University does not want anyone who is sick or has possibly been             exposed to Covid-19, to come to work and infect others. The discussions we have had with senior                           management at this point is that they prefer to keep staff on payroll while they are self isolating, by using               sick time. Management was unclear about how things would play out if you didn’t have enough sick time.

7.  Why are some people on campus allowed to work from home or be on standby while others have to             continue working on campus?

This is totally within the discretion of management. CUPE 1975 doesn’t direct the workplace and has no                  control of things outside the Saskatchewan Employment Act and our Collective Agreement.

We hope this helps with some or your questions.  Please feel free to email our office with any other ones you may have.