Potential Contracting out



CUPE Local 1975 concerned about potential contracting out at the U of S

SASKATOON: CUPE Local 1975 is concerned that the University of Saskatchewan’s interest in negotiating an incentivized exit with union employees may lead to contracting out of key university services.

“Under the current collective agreement, the employer is prohibited from contracting out our work as a result of layoffs,” said Craig Hannah, president of CUPE Local 1975. “We believe that incentivized exits should provide the same assurance, but the university has yet to provide us with that assurance.”

Privatization may seem like a quick way to save money, but other jurisdictions and institutions are steadily contracting services back in house to save money and improve quality, including the University of Toronto, which just took over responsibility for food services at its downtown campus.

“We are very open to more conversations on this topic, but we need assurance from the university that the services we provide are going to be protected,” added Hannah.

 In the recent budget, the Sask Party government announced a 5.6 per cent reduction in funding for the University of Saskatchewan. The government is also requiring the University of Saskatchewan to provide $20 million from its base budget to support the College of Medicine.

“We understand the university is in a tough financial spot, but it is important to remember that this is a direct result of the provincial government’s austerity budget,” said Hannah. “The government reversed its funding cuts to libraries, and I hope it will come to its senses and restore funding to our province’s world recognized post-secondary institutions.”

CUPE Local 1975 represents 2,000 workers at the University of Saskatchewan who work in food services, trades, security, clerical support, the library, grounds keeping and landscaping, and caretaking.

For more information, please contact:

Tria Donaldson, CUPE communications representative, at 306.531.6247.



You may have heard that the University of Saskatchewan expressed an interest in negotiating a program for incentivized exit with CUPE Local 1975.                                                                                      

While the executive understands this would be an enticing benefit for some of our members who are close to retirement, we are very concerned that the Employer would not agree to include language that would prohibit them from contracting out the positions of our members who would qualify for the incentivized exit program.

In Article 4.8 of the collective agreement between CUPE Local 1975 and the University of Saskatchewan, the employer is prohibited from contracting out our work as a result of layoffs.  We believe the incentivized exit has to provide that same assurance, and as such, we recommended adding a clause to the proposed Memorandum of Agreement which would provide us assurance that contracting out would not be a result of the incentivized exit Memorandum of Agreement.

The University of Saskatchewan would not agree to provide us with those assurances.  Therefore, we are left with no recourse but to reject the proposed Memorandum of Agreement at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 306.966.7015.

In solidarity,

Craig Hannah, President CUPE 1975




The Union has begun Interest Based Bargaining with the Employer.

Meetings will take place Thursday May 11th and 12th.

Saskatchewan 2017 CUPE Summer School

cupe1975Schools Conventions & Workshop

The Education Committee will be sending up to 8 members to the CUPE Summer School on May 14 – 19, 2017 in Waskesiu.

Below is the link for the Brochue which you can look at courses offered.


Attached is the form needed to apply to the Union to take this course.  If you are interested fill out the form andsubmit to the union office no later than April 13, 2017 – 4:00 pm


Prairie School For Union Women -June 11-15, 2017

cupe1975Schools Conventions & Workshop


The Union will be sending delegates to the Prairie School for Union Women.

Up to eight (8) members will be sent to this school .  Deadline to submit name is March 14, 2017

You must fill out the application form listed below and submit this to the Union office – Room 21 McLean hall prior to March 14th, 2017.



Thank you all members for attending the annual Christmas Social Get Together


276 CUPE members visited the Roy Romanow to share in treats and to receive Toques and Mitts.  (Wear these with Pride)

Winners of prizes drawn at our CUPE 1975 Christmas Social

  • Gift Cards for $25.00:  Gail Kondra, Shannon Bay, Danielle Epp, Leonard Fox, Glen Friesen, Ashley Taylor, Gloria Sibernagel,
  • Debie Loehndorf, Dana Horosko and Grace Kuhn
  • Faculty Club Lunch for 2:  Anna Smith
  • Brown Bag Lunch Faculty Club:  Gerald barrie
  • Huskie Athletics 10 Flex Pack:  Brian Pdhaychuk and Leah Boyd
  • Kenneth Cole Bag:  Will let you know winner after Christmas as being used as a Christmas gift.

Pension Arbitration Update


update12 The Employer initiated grievance was the grievance where the University wanted an arbitrator to rule on whether or not the University can make unilateral changes to OUR pension plan;

The union initiated a grievance where we questioned the  employer taking pension contribution holidays.


The Employer’s grievance against CUPE Local 1975 was heard by an Arbitration board on March 29, 2017.  As a reminder, the employer has filed a grievance to determine whether or not they have the right to make changes to our pension plan without our consent. We are awaiting a decision by the Arbitration board – which may  take several months.  Both parties have agreed to put the union’s pension grievance against the University of Saskatchewan on hold while the parties discuss and negotiate pension matters during collective bargaining.  We are hopeful that we can achieve a satisfactory resolution but if not, we can continue with the arbitration of our grievance.  When we discuss pensions at the bargaining table, we will have the additional resource of our pension experts from CUPE National who will assist with that aspect of negotiations.

Several bargaining dates are set for May and June, and into the fall. We look forward to getting underway in the coming days and weeks and we will keep the membership posted.

Your bargaining committee knows how important our pension plan is, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect it into the future.

If you have any further questions regarding the above please call the Union office at 966-7015 and Evelyn will direct   you to one of the members on our negotiating team.

Previous Posts

The Union and the employer were scheduled to proceed to arbitration September 26-29 with respect to the two pension grievances — the Employer initiated grievance was the grievance where the University wanted an arbitrator to rule on whether or not the University can make unilateral changes to OUR pension plan;

The union initiated a grievance where we questioned the  employer taking pension contribution holidays.

Due to some preliminary legal matters that were unable to be resolved prior to the arbitration dates, the arbitrations have been rescheduled for April 24-28, 2017.

We have asked the employer to provide us with prospective dates for negotiations.