Vacation and Signing Bonus Information


The university is currently working to implement the changes reflected within the new collective agreement. Employees who were active members of CUPE 1975 at the date of signing (June 28, 2019) will receive a lump sum payment and are eligible for increased vacation days depending on their years of service.

  • New vacation accrual changed effective July 1, 2019.
    • Employees with 14 years of service are now accruing 25 vacation days, and those with 22 years of service are accruing 30 vacation days.
    • The new accrual rates implemented in July were updated as of your July 31, 2019 vacation balance.
    • If any additional accrual is owed it will be added to your August 31 balance.
  • The signing bonus will be paid on August 30.
    • Employees active as of June 28 will receive payment.
    • The $4,000 bonus will be prorated according to FTE as per the Collective Agreement.
    • Employees on a leave will receive payment when they return to work.
    • Employees who have terminated or transferred after June 28 will receive payment through direct deposit or by cheque if their direct deposit has been inactivated.

More information related to pension changes, new salaries and retro pay will be shared as dates are finalized. These future updates will be available on the Labour Updates page, please continue to check it regularly.

If you have any additional questions regarding implementation, please contact


“Goodbye Strike HQ” Event


The time has come to say goodbye to our strike headquarters. Come join your CUPE 1975 brothers and sisters for some snacks and socializing from 4:30-6p.m. on THURSDAY, JULY 18th at our HQ in Sutherland at 815 Gray Avenue.

Pension Follow Up


**There will be a detailed pensions meeting in the fall.**

This is to confirm and clarify the early retirement eligibility rules with no penalty for the U of S Non Academic pension plan soft freeze at August 31, 2019.

As at August 31st, 2019 pensionable service will be frozen for the benefit calculation only,  upon retirement.  As people continue to work past August 31st,  their years of service will continue to count towards the 80 rule. (age grows and service grows)

As people continue to work past August 31st,  their years of service will continue to count towards 30 year service rule.

When people turn 60, they can retire without penalty also.


Question of the Day


Q: When can we expect to see the signing bonus and back pay?

A: We can only speculate on this.  A good guess is between 6-12 weeks. We do not know if it will be one lump sum or spread out over 2 cheques.


Ratification Vote Results


CUPE 1975 members vote to ratify collective agreement with the U of S 

SASKATOON: Members of CUPE 1975 have voted to ratify the collective agreement reached with the University of Saskatchewan.  The vote passed with an overwhelming 97 per cent majority.

“We want to thank all of our members for staying strong and united through a difficult round of bargaining. The gains we made at the table would not have been possible without the strong strike mandate from our members, their ongoing support, and the positive essential services ruling on our behalf,” said Craig Hannah, president of CUPE 1975.

The union was able to achieve a number of monetary and non-monetary improvements. The new term of agreement is from January 1, 2016 to December 31,2020

Highlights of the five year deal include:

  • Wage increase of 0-0-1.5-2-2 with a $4,000 signing bonus (prorated for less than full time employees);
  • Improved vacation provisions; and
  • Pension plan changes that will continue to provide secure retirement benefits for our members.

“Our members are the backbone of the University of Saskatchewan. We are happy we have reached a fair agreement and look forward to continuing our work at the university,” said Hannah.


Ratification Vote Information


Senior Leadership of the University of Saskatchewan has indicated that employees be given the time to vote (4:30-6:30) and to participate in the ratification process.   Tuesday July 9th, Health Sciences rooms 1150 and 1130.  Be sure to clear your time with your manager.


It is time for a vote! We have a deal ready for you!


UPDATE – It’s time for a vote. We have a deal ready for you.

It has been a long road, but we have a deal that we are ready to present to you.

Thank you to everyone for your support and determination through all of this.  By standing together, we showed the university that we are united and strong.

We also benefited from a boost from the Essential Service Tribunal ruling that rejected the University’s request to take away the right to strike from over 250 workers. Thank you to everyone who helped with our work with that tribunal and special thanks to everyone who appeared as witnesses.

More details of the agreement will be made available at the ratification meeting that will be held on July 9, but we can tell you that, when compared with the University’s last offer, we secured more increases in compensation, a larger ‘signing bonus,’ and a guaranteed level of income for all workers when they retire.

Now we need to ratify this agreement

WHEN:            July 9 at 4:30 pm
WHERE:          Health Sciences 1150 and 1130
WHAT:            Vote to ratify the tentative agreement

While we were ready for any outcome, our goal has always been to get the best deal possible and we believe that’s what we’ve done.

See you on July 9!

In solidarity,

CUPE Local 1975 Negotiations Committee