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BARGAINING UPDATE for June 27, 2019

We’ve just finished two more days of bargaining and the only thing we have to report to you is that we’ve added a third day of bargaining today.

The administration’s willingness to stay at the table and to keep considering the proposals we’re bringing them is a positive step. We asked them back for this round of negotiations so we could offer solutions to the issues they’ve been presenting AND still protect our wages and pensions.

That’s exactly what we’ve done over the past two days and it’s what we’ll keep doing so we can bring the best possible deal to you for a vote.

REMINDER: Help share our message  

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And don’t forget to show off your swag – buttons, t-shirts, scarves, water bottles… whatever you’ve got.

By standing together, we can fight for and win the respect and the deal we deserve.


cupe1975Bargaining, Negotiations


We were back at the bargaining table yesterday and we’re meeting again today. We’ll give you another update when we have news.

Wages and the university’s scheme to scrap the security of our pensions are still the sticking points. We’re standing strong but we’re also working hard and bargaining in good faith to address the points the employer is making. Our goal is to get you a deal we can all vote on.

We’re also expecting the ruling from the Essential Services Tribunal any day now, so keep checking the website for more updates.

We also need your help to show the administration how strong we are together.

What can you do to help?

Our message is simple – we’re looking for respect and fair pay for our work. And we’re looking for your help to get the message out

Help share the message online

We’ve started an online ad campaign and we need your help to boost our message even more.

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When you post these, tell your story. Let’s remind the administration that we are not just numbers on a spreadsheet. We’re real people. We care about the work we do. We deserve to be shown some respect and be paid fairly.

Help share the message at your desk

While we’re negotiating, it’s important that we all keep doing our jobs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our message out.

If you work at a computer, use your desktop to show our message loud and clear.

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And, if people on campus who aren’t in our union see your screen and want a graphic for their screen, download the solidarity graphic for them.

Help share the message all over campus

We have swag, we have buttons, we have t-shirts, we have scarves (they really stand out when you wear them in June!) …. Showing your colours isn’t just a way to make a new fashion statement, it shows the administration that we all stand together.

Wear them proudly to the so-called staff appreciation picnic and let’s show President Stoicheff and the rest of the administration that what we’d really appreciate is a little respect.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the General Membership Meeting on Tuesday and congratulations to Holly Kreese (Food Services Rep), Sherri Duggan (Clerical Rep), Jessica Ballendine (Caretaker/BST Rep) and Leanne Ooms (Grievance Chair)  who were sworn in as the newest members to our executive.




Your bargaining team is happy to let you know that the employer has accepted our request to get back to the bargaining table. We’ll be meeting on June 25 & 26.

 We’ll give you an update when those meetings are over. We’ll also let you know when we get the ruling from the Essential Services Tribunal which we expect by the end of the month.


Essential Services Hearings


On Friday, June 7, your representatives finished submitting our evidence at the Essential Services Hearing. This hearing is an important step to make sure we can keep our rights as workers. Over 11 days, both sides submitted evidence through witnesses. A big THANK YOU to all of our members who took the time out of your busy schedules to appear as witnesses and help us put our best case forward. Your knowledge and experience of the workplace was obvious, impressive, and appreciated.

The next step comes on June 14 when both sides present our closing arguments. After that, we’re expecting a decision from the Tribunal to be released by the end of June. In the meantime, we’re calling the employer back to the bargaining table and have requested dates for the last week of June. As a reminder, neither the Employer nor the Union is in a legal position to initiate a lockout or a strike until the Essential Services Tribunal renders its decision.  We’ll update you as soon as we have more news.


The People Who Run The University Need To Hear From You!


Hello everyone,

The sun is shining and the weather is warm but our fight isn’t slowing down.

We need to keep sending the clear message that we are we are willing to fight for fair treatment and to protect the pensions we’ve been paying into and negotiating for years.

Our next great chance is coming up soon and we need your help.

What: University council is meeting

(More info here:

When: Thursday, May 23, 2:30

Where: Room 241 Arts (Neatby-Timlin Theatre)

Why: because the people who run the university need to hear from the people who keep it running.

The University council is meeting this Tuesday.  It’s made up of over 100 representatives including the University president and representatives from all of the colleges, affiliated and federated colleges, and the Library.

Come on out to the meeting. Bring a small (e.g. 8.5×11) sign. Let’s remind the University administration that we’re the people who actually keep this University running.

This won’t be a loud protest but it is a chance to show them that we’re in this together.

They need to negotiate with us in good faith, they can’t expect us to be ok with more wage freezes, and they better keep their paws off our pensions.

We won’t back down.


Caretaker/Building Service Technicians – Nominations

cupe1975Bargaining, Miscellaneous

Click below for Nomination form:

Nomination form for Caretaker Position on Executive

CUPE 1975 has a vacancy on the Executive for a Caretaker/BST representative.  If you would like to serve on the Executive, please print off the attached nomination form.  Follow the instructions laid out in this form and send or deliver to Room 21 McLean Hall.  The deadline to receive nominations is June 3, 2019.  If you need further clarification or wish to know what duties are performed by a representative please call the union office at 966-7015.