SFL Summer Camp for children ages 13 to 16

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CUPE 1975 will send up to 4 children who are children of CUPE 1975 union members to SFL Summer Camp.  The Registration of $500.00 per camper plus expenses of driving the children to camp is covered by CUPE 1975.  This camp strives to accomplish the following:  To deepen awareness of social justice with a worker-centered, equal rights perspective.  Issues will include, but are not limited to: human rights, International Solidarity, ageism, sexism, racism, and homophobia and will create a forum for young people to exchange ideas.  They will work together to increase awareness among other young people on the labour movement, unions and their rights in the workplace as well as build a support network.  The following link will give you more information about the camp.  If interested please fill out the application form listed in the attachment and forward this to the union office.  These camps fill up rather quickly.  If interested please provide the registration form by the end of April, 2018 or sooner.   Once registration is received we will inquire if there are still spaces available.  The camp runs from August 25 to August 31, 2018 at Camp Easter Seal – Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan. Space is limited.  http://www.sfl.sk.ca/public/images/documents/Events/Summer%20Camp/Camp_brochure-2018.pdf

CUPE 2018 Summer School Waskesiu May 27 to June 1, 2018

cupe1975Schools Conventions & Workshop

CUPE Saskatchewan 2018 Summer School  May 27 to June 1, 2018 Waskesiu  Brochure_Summer_School_40th_Annual_2018_05_27_06_01

Deadline for Submission:  March 15, 2018  @ 4:00 pm (up to 8 members can apply to attend).  Listed below is the form you must fill out if interested in attending:  CUPE 1975 Criteria & Application for Educationals. Once you submit your name and application to the Union office (21 McLean Hall) the Education Committee will meet to decide who will attend. Prior to filling out the forms – please ask your dept. head or supervisor if you can attend on those days to make sure you have coverage in your office.   Attach  Page 7 of the brochure Registration form and check off courses you are interested in taking.    Criteria and Application to attend Educationals

SFL/CLC Spring School May 7-11, 2018 – Elk Ridge Resort Waskesiu, Saskatchewan

cupe1975Schools Conventions & Workshop

Please see brochure in regards to classes at Spring School

2018-SpringSchool-Flyer     Attached link to Flyer, lists the courses offered.  Fill out the Criteria for application form (link below)  and submit to the union office (21 McLean Hall)  no later than March 15, 2018 @ 4:00 pm.  Late submissions will not be accepted.   Criteria and Application to attend Educationals     Prior to applying, ask your dept. head or supervisor if you can attend to make sure you have coverage in your office.  You will be notified by email if you have been chosen to attend.  Up to 8 members will be chosen to attend.




Members of CUPE Local 1975:

A decision has just been rendered regarding the Employers’ pension grievance where it asked the arbitrator if it had the right to unilaterally change the pension plan. The decision is not in the union’s favour, but we will need some time to fully evaluate it and our options.

We know how important your pensions are.  Therefore, we will be holding a special meeting for our CUPE membership.

DATE:  Thursday January 4, 2018


Education Gymnasium

Education Building

TIME:  FIRST SESSION  12:00 NOON – 1:00 pm





Pensions Meeting January 4 Website


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23.2 Overtime
23.2.1 Employees shall be paid double time for all time worked in excess of the stated regular or altered hours of work for their classification, as stipulated in Article 23.1. Employees who
work less than full days will not receive overtime until their work exceeds the stated regular hours of work.

23.2.2 All overtime which is paid by the Employer must be authorized by the Dean,
Administrative Head or designate. Except in emergency situations, such overtime must
be authorized in advance.

23.2.3 Employees shall notify Human Resources within sixty (60) days if their overtime has not
been paid.

23.2.5 Time Off in Lieu  – *Note – Time in lieu is also paid double time * Any employee required to work overtime shall receive pay for this time unless
time off at the appropriate overtime rate in lieu of pay is mutually agreed to by
the employee and the Employer and the agreement is recorded in writing. Accumulation of Time Off
When it is mutually agreed between the Dean, Administrative Head or
designate and the employee, and providing it does not require additional extra
help or cause overtime costs, the employee may accumulate overtime
compensation from each incidence of overtime for up to one (1) year in order to
provide time off with pay. Scheduling of time off is by mutual agreement
between the employee and the Dean, Administrative Head or designate.

Secret Santa Donation


Members who attended the CUPE 1975 Fall Social on November 18th helped the Secret Santa cause.   The Secret Santa Campaign ensures 800 Saskatoon families receive toys, books and food hampers for Christmas.  Through donations of cakes from Alexander’s Restaurant, the University Club, Food Services, Tish Jasieniuk, Kathy Jones, Shari Hannah, Gail Lasiuk, Ginny Cherepacha and other members, CUPE 1975 was able to auction off these delicious treats.    $1,041.00 was donated to Secret Santa.




Please see the following posters which will advise you of date, location and time of nominations and elections for specific groups on campus.

Please exercise your right to choose your executive.

November 9 Food Services Election

November 9 Grounds and Herdsmen

November 14 Trades Steam Plant Kineseology Election

November 15 Technicians Security and Stores

November 16 Clerical Assistants 2017 election

November 17 Library election

Caretaker & BST Elections 2017