Sisters, brothers and friends in CUPE 1975,

On behalf of all of the Presidents of the CUPE locals in the Universities sector in BC. I send you solidarity in your fight for fairness and respect at the bargaining table. Thank you for your courage to hold strong to protect your pensions. We stand with you and are cheering you on from across BC.
In solidarity,
Karen Ranalletta (CUPE BC General Vice President and Chair, CUPE BC Universities Committee

Question of the Day -What can the Union do to me if I cross the picket line?

cupe1975Questions of the Day

What can the union do to me if I decide to cross the picket line and work?
In the CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Constitution which CUPE 1975 adheres to the articles below will be put into place:

A member who does any of these acts is guilty of an offence against this Constitution.  (There are 14 offences listed)  The one we would be concerned with is Offence  (L).
“Fails to respect the Local Union’s picket line, works for the employer during a legal strike or labour dispute or engages in any strike-breaking activity”.

If an accused is found guilty of crossing the picket line, the Trial Committee will decide any penalty and what, if anything, the accused must do or not do.  The decision may include and is listed in Article B.11.1 (g)

  • A reprimand
  • A fine
  • A suspension or expulsion from membership
  • A ban against holding membership or office
  • An order to stop doing the act or acts complained of
  • An order to correct the act or acts complained of
  • Any other order that the Trial Committee finds appropriate

If a member is in violation of section B.11.1 (Failing to respect a picket line), the trial process is as follows:

  • Making a complaint A member in good standing can charge a member within 90 days after the accuser became aware of the offense. Within 5 days, the recording secretary will offer the accused and the accuser a voluntary mediation process.
  • Selecting a Trial Panel and trial committee In at least 10 days, but not more than 120 days, the Local will select a trial panel of 11 members in good standing and select a trial committee. The accused and the accuser are each allowed to object to no more than 3 members of the trial committee.
  • Trial Committee Within 60 days of being selected, the trial committee will hold a private hearing and give at least 14 days written notice.  The accused and the accuser will be able to bring witnesses and cross examine witnesses on the opposing side. The committee will decide whether the accused is guilty or not by secret ballot.
  • Appeal The accused has 60 days to appeal the decision.


“PAWS OFF OUR PENSION” Postcard Campaign


Over 700 signed postcards were collected in support of the “Paws off Our Pension” campaign.  For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to sign or submit a card you can visit the CUPE1975 office in room 21 McLean Hall during normal business hours.

Thank you to all who signed cards!




Thanks goes out to Cathy Fulcher, CUPE 1975 member, who has volunteered to  walk around campus asking members to sign a support card for negotiating a fair contract.

After decades of hard work and paying into the pension plan, the dedicated people who make U of S work need to know that they can count on their pension in retirement.  LET THE U OF S KNOW YOU SUPPORT WORKERS’ RIGHT TO A SECURE PENSION.

For years, CUPE 1975 and the University of Saskatchewan have negotiated changes to the pension plan at the bargaining table.  But now the University wants to leave workers out of the conversation about their retirement security.  The U of S is threatening to make unilateral cuts to the pension plan outside of the collective bargaining table.

The hard working staff members of CUPE 1975 have a long history of engaging in serious and good faith bargaining over their pension plan.  If the University has their way, workers will lose their voice when it comes to their retirement. Cathy will be visiting to have your sign the “PAWS OFF OUR PENSIONS!” support card.


Strike Headquarters rented December 1st


Strike Headquarters Secured  December 1st

To keep members updated please be advised of the following:  The Union and the University are still involved in Mediation and are also working on shutdown protocol.   Both parties have agreed that we will not share any of our talks.

We do however, have some information we can let you know about.  Job action is the last resort and your Negotiation team is working very hard on obtaining a settlement.  In the event that talks break down and we must take job action, we secured a strike headquarters.   We are looking for items for our new headquarters.  If you have a fridge, microwave, couch, chairs, room dividers and a ghetto blaster and wish to donate them, please call the union office at 966-7015.  We would then make arrangements for pick up of donated items.   Thank you!




On December 10th the CUPE 1975 members will be having a “Rally in the Bowl”.  Free travel mugs to first 300 people who attend along with hot chocolate for everyone.

CUPE 1975 University Employees’ Union welcomes all Students, Faculty, Staff and Guests.

Speakers will include:  Tom Graham, President CUPE Sask.  Tom was an employee of the City of Saskatoon and knows the City and the University very well.  Tom has been involved in many fights of this nature and will be advocating for our local in the media.  Our second speaker will be Paul Moist Past Presdient CUPE National. 

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided – J.K. Rowling